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Do you

Have Medicaid?
Live in Philadelphia?
Need help with daily activities?

Hire a family member or friend to care for you — and they'll get paid

You may be eligible!

Fill out this form to find out.

We'll check to see if you're eligible to apply  — then Medicaid and your health plan will determine your final eligibility.

How much will my caregiver get paid?
Your caregiver will get paid $11 per hour.

Plus, your caregiver will get:

100% Guaranteed Weekly payment
Direct Deposit
Who we are

FreedomCare is a leading Medicaid home care program in Philadelphia.

FreedomCare is a contracted provider of PAS, a Medicaid-funded program that allows Philadelphians to hire their own caregivers: a daughter, son, relative, friend or previously hired aide.

You get loving care.
Your loved one gets paid!

No other agency in the country has earned more 5 star ratings

4.7/5 based on 2000+ reviews

Am I eligible for this program?

If you...

Have Medicaid

Live in Philadelphia

Need help with day-to-day activities

You are likely eligible. Due to government regulations, Medicare is NOT enough.

Who can I hire
as a caregiver?




Legal Spouse

Where is FreedomCare available?

FreedomCare is available in Philadelphia

It is also available in New York, Missouri, and Nevada.

If you have Medicaid,
you can apply.

FreedomCare is a Medicaid program, so your caregiver will be paid through Medicaid. (Unfortunately, Medicare is NOT enough under current government regulations.)


Real People. Real Changes.

Patricia Charles

"I’ve had aides in the past, but it always ended badly. This is one of the best programs ever. I’m so happy that my niece is helping me. And our contact at FreedomCare is wonderful." 

Elizabeth Salley

"It was hard, because I didn’t want to leave my mom at home — I was scared she’d leave the stove on or get hurt. And you only get one mother.  Now I get to have a job AND care for my mom at once. It’s literally PERFECT." 

Richard Branker

“My mother had two strokes. We brought in a couple of aides, but I could tell she wasn’t happy. Now I get to care for Mom daily — and she’s smiling and laughing. I feel like it’s my destiny."

Here's how it works:

STEp 1

Get assessed

A nurse will visit you at home to determine if you’re eligible for the PAS program. You'll find out how many weekly hours of care you can get.

STEp 2

Choose a caregiver

You choose a caregiver: your daughter, son, relative, or friend. We come to your home to enroll you in the program.

STEp 3

You get care — they get paid

You get ongoing care from a person who loves you. They get peace of mind — because they’re getting paid for the care they give.

Why we're different

Why work with FreedomCare?

Thousands of 5 Star Ratings

No other agency has earned more 5 star ratings.

97% Satisfaction

97% of our customers report being “happy” or “very happy” with our service.

132 Team Members

Our customers say our team members are “helpful” “professional” and “just so nice!” We hire carefully and selectively, so you’re guaranteed representatives who are friendly AND competent.

11 Seconds

Our average call wait time: 11 seconds. That means you’re guaranteed a kind, helpful, US-based HUMAN within seconds of dialing.

“Mom is getting stronger, and it feels so good”

My mother had two strokes. We brought in a couple of aides, but I could tell she wasn’t happy. Now I get to care for Mom daily — and she’s smiling and laughing. I feel like it’s my destiny. If I could do for her even 1/10 of what she did for me, I could look at her and say “I know she had the best care.” I feel really good, knowing she’s getting stronger each day.

Richard Branker